We believe that everyone has a story to share. And when it is told in the right way, people listen. Our goal is to help people do that. 


Why use a video? It is the most relatable way to engage your audience. Through editing and filming choices, it also ensures that the story is being told in the right way. 


So, whether you are a business, a church, a musician, or just someone with a really interesting story, we would like to partner with you. We want to share your story with everyone else.


Client Testimonies

"We worked with Eric on several projects since 2013. We love his creativity, passion, and commitment. If you're looking for a listening partner that produces quality, link arms with Eric."

- John Gregory ASSISTANT PASTOR, First Baptist of Bradenton

"I look up to Eric, and not just because he is slightly taller than me. He is a hard worker, but more importantly, he makes everyone around him better. "

- Kevin Echemendia FILMMAKER, Two Stories Media