Ethos Equine


This proposal is for two products -- a branding video and a digital commercial

The digital commercial will target re-riders. The theme will be "Some things need to be experienced again."

The concept will show aerial images of an adult female rider, wearing a hat, galloping across a field intercut with tight shots of the horse and rider. Then a shot of the horse will slow down as we hear a clock tick slow down. 

Then we cut to a little girl trying riding for the first time. She is filled with awe, excitement, and enthusiasm. We hear giggles and laughter on top of sounds of instruction. The sound of a clock tick slowly comes back in, getting faster and faster. The little girl puts on a hat filling the frame.

The hat raises back up to reveal our female rider again. The clock tick stops as galloping horse sounds intensify. Fast, tight cuts of the rider having fun and of the horse. Cut to -- profile view of the rider and horse. They ride out of the camera frame and we title the screen with "Some things need experienced again" and then fade to "Ethos Equine"

The branding video will feature an interview with Kathleen and possibly a client or two. The theme of this video will focus on how Kathleen's training helps women learn to ride again -- whether it is because of a new horse or simply been a long time since riding. Kathleen helps women learn how to handle their specific horses and become expert riders. 

We will feature several images of the horses, Kathleen training the horses, mentoring riders, students riding horses. horse equipment, and the various setting at the stables and farm.

The production of the branding video by itself would $5,500

The production of the commercial by itself would be $4200.

The combined production cost if filmed simultaneously would be $6,700